A heritage of the past and
the people from far-flung lands comprise truly fascinating tales.

How rapid economic development has transformed Hong Kong since the second half of the 20th century! From a quaint fishing village to the bustling ‘Pearl of the Orient’ by the 1980s, she not only attracted the world’s attention, but also nurtured a unique and compelling vibe with her cutting-edge entertainment and exceptional dining culture found nowhere else. Those were the halcyon days of Hong Kong!

Will we ever see a renaissance of that era?

Back in the early-1800s, Hong Kong served as a backwater fishing port while Wan Chai was just a quiet, humble bay. Today, Hong Kong has emerged as the quintessential ‘East-meets-West’ global destination while Wan Chai is a dynamic and growing community where Chinese and Westerners easily mingle both socially and commercially.

From its business hub north of Gloucester Road and famous nightlife entertainment along Lockhart Road to Queen’s Road East which was the original coast line, Wan Chai reflects a very particular Hong Kong style.

But will all that continue?

The blockbuster hit movie - “The World of Suzie Wong”, starring Nancy Kwan, to the many novels published by renowned authors like Eileen Chang, Shi Shuqing and James Clavell, all describe love stories that blossomed between Chinese women and Western men in the Territory. Cross-cultural romance is indeed quite common here.

But will the love affairs last?

A Legacy of our ‘Golden Age’

Established a half century ago at the top floor of Wu Sang House, the tallest commercial building in Mong Kok, the original JUNON Restaurant’s grand opening was held on November 17, 1967.

Now JUNON returns to Hong Kong at a new home in Wan Chai. Located in Wu Chung House next to the Hopewell Centre, the radiance of JUNON’s heritage shines once again!