Executive Chef
Loic Catherine

Executive Chef Loic Catherine brings years of culinary experience to JUNON, a contemporary French Restaurant in HK. Chef Loic was born in Nice, South of France and moved outside of France 5 years ago. Raised in a French household, cooking has always been a part of his mother’s life, which inspire him a lot since he was young.

While growing up in France, his parents always went all-around to discover the Michelin stars chef and some authentic chefs from other provinces, Chef Loic experienced two drastically different food cultures. He was gifted his first modern French cuisine from Paul Bocuse (3 Michelin Stars Chef) when he was just 14 years old; also discover molecular cuisine with Chef Thierry Marx (2 Michelin Stars Chef) during his culinary studies.

Though he began his culinary journey a little late, Loic immediately set his sights on the rarefied air of fine dining and was especially drawn to Michelin-lauded, tasting-menu restaurants and well-known hotels. With that mission in mind, in 2017, Loic took a position at a famous legendary hotel in Hong Kong as Sous-Chef de Cuisine in 1 Michelin Star Restaurant. He then shifted gears for a few years, working as Head Chef in various outlets in this legendary hotel.

As he looks forward to his next chapter, the always-energized Loic has been creating his own “Bistronomic” style, inviting diners to enjoy his signature cuisine while continuing to create exceptional dishes at JUNON, Hong Kong.