Journey Past Memory Lane ~ Lydia

2020-01-15    21:00
A personal journey, a photo, a deep secret, and unfinished words…..
Lydia’s journey past memory lane
Lydia Pau is a local singer and songwriter, who is graduated from the UK with sound tech and digital music degree. She has started performing since she's 18. With what she love, she gained more and more experiences like singing and writing songs for TVC, musicals, significant events, theme songs for TV drama etc. She is more into and good at interpret R&B, soul song and oldies.
Pianist Ian
Brought up in an environment full of music enchantment, Ian is extremely passionate about music, in particular, jazz and blues. After graduation in Department of Music, Ian has always been playing music with friends and acquaintance of the same interest. Currently he is a piano performer in weddings, restaurants and bars and he has been given a nickname - Kum La Sau (literal meaning:- good at playing piano) The inner depth of music in him is not measurable. Ian is also good at re-arrangement of songs and cover songs.
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