The Duke of Soul Jazz ~ Gustave Reichert

2019-12-20    18:30
A Masterpiece inspired by deep emotions of our soul 
“The Duke of Soul Jazz” Gustave Reichert
Gustave Reichert, born and raised in France, is a guitarist known for his unique style and innovative playing techniques. His original approach to music has led him to a variety of successes including having the opportunities to perform around Europe. Gustave shared the stage with several big names of the guitar world during the International Guitar Night Tour. These names included the founder of the Latin-Swing style Lulo Reinhardt. He is currently a professional guitarist with emphasis on the eastern world. He very much wants to bring western music to Asia and expects collaboration with Asian artists. 
Musician Samuel F’Hima
Born in 1992, in a musical family, Samuel F’hima is a French jazz double bass player. He starts the double bass at the age of 6 at the conservatory in Noisy le grand.  In 2009, he’s going to the CRR of Aubervilliers and obtain his diploma in Jazz and classical music in 2010.  Then , he goes to the CMDL , in which he obtain « Prix d’excellence » in 2018.Between 2017 and 2018, he’s recording 4 different albums with four different projects. He played and still plays with Baptiste Trotignon, Yosvany Terry, Ernsto Simpson, Irving Acao, Lukmil Perez, Leonardo Montana, Arnaud Dolmen , Joe Sanders, Antoine Paganotti。
Musician Simon Chivallon
Simon Chivallon starts the piano at the age of 12. At first , Simon was self-educated and then he begins the French Conservatory of Bordeaux where he has his first diploma in classical piano, Jazz Harmony and jazz Piano. In 2012, he is accepted to the CMDL (prestigious School in Paris) and study with ones of the most famous jazz players in the world such as Antonio Farao, Dave Liebman, Wayne Shorter, Ari Hoenig. Beside this , he starts to play more and more in the Parisians jazz clubs and all the Frenchs festivals where he share the scene with internationals players.  His first album was released in 2017, «  Flying Wolf » and had a huge impact on the french press.   Simon played in Los Angeles , Spain, Paris, Romania and many places … He’s preparing a new album for 2019.
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