Once Upon a Moonlit Night in Hong Kong ~ Clara

2019-11-24    20:00
From a humble fishing village to a vibrant metropolis, our journey there and back again. 
"Once Upon a Moonlit Night in Hong Kong" by Clara
Like most of us, Clara has been leading a life of an ordinary 9-6pm office executive in luxury merchandising and has never imagined herself stepping into a recording studio for the production of her own song, nor become a singer one day. This all happened upon a fortuitous encounter with one of HK’s most prominent songwriters Vicky Fung in 2016 which granted her the opportunity to sing and host an open-mic show at a live house and sing for the jingle of a microfilm, which then became her first song release “還未抱過的人”. To Clara, life has no agenda, she simply wants to channel love and positivity to everyone through her music and voice.
Pianist Ian 
Brought up in an environment full of music enchantment, Ian is extremely passionate about music, in particular, jazz and blues. After graduation in Department of Music, Ian has always been playing music with friends and acquaintance of the same interest. Currently he is a piano performer in weddings, restaurants and bars and he has been given a nickname - Kum La Sau (literal meaning:- good at playing piano) The inner depth of music in him is not measurable. Ian is also good at re-arrangement of songs and cover songs.
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